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Payroll TAX Issues

  • Do you owe thousands of dollars in Payroll Taxes?
  • Have you not filed in years?

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back taxes owed

  • Do you owe back taxes for some of these common situations?
  • Self-employed and not paying quarterly?
  • Taking an incorrect exemption?
  • Failing to file for several years?
  • Lost income records?

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Unfiled TAX Returns

  • Do you have years of unfiled returns?

It’s easy to put it off once you’ve missed one.
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Liens and levies

  • Are You Currently Dealing With a Tax Lien or Levy?

This is one of the first ways in which the IRS & State agencies attempt to collect outstanding debts. We can help resolve your Lien or Levy.

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Offer in Compromise • Installment Agreement & Fresh Start Program Penalty Abatement • Release of Wage or Bank Levies • Currently Not Collectible

Owing the IRS Money

Payroll Tax Relief

Filing Old Returns

IRS Audit Help

When Your Spouse Owes Taxes

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Our Tax Relief System: How It Works


Free and confidential. Review the latest notices and your situation, and discuss the options available to you to resolve your tax issue. Our team of experts and tax negotiators will help facilitate all future interactions and will always work on your behalf.


Contact the IRS/State to terminate debt collection activities, an in-depth assessment of resolution strategies. We promise insightful and fast fact finding. We guarantee diligence that leaves no stone unturned. We guarantee that we will dig through the history and find the best IRS tax credit program that is right for you.



Prepare and submit solution plans with documents, negotiate for a final solution. Don’t let the ball fall after choosing your preferred tax credit services.
Let’s work together. We will take your options and turn them into successful strategies.


Obtain the best settlement possible under the law. Guaranteed success in getting rid of your tax woes. Benefit from the best IRS tax relief programs and bid adieu to your burdens. Your tax problem is successfully resolved!


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